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social return on investment and economic impact analysis for social services providers
About Us

Measuring and Proving Community Organizations' Real Value 

Community organizations are under extraordinary funding pressures to measure and quantify their results.  In today’s world of highly constrained funding, doing good work cost effectively and proving your value to the community is the new baseline.  

Up until now, there has not been a widely available, credible source for the information that funding entities are now demanding.  CSACO was founded to address that need.  Our process is based on traditional value measurement tools used extensively in private industry, such as a Return on Investment (ROI).  We’ve modified these for the unique needs of community service organizations, where not all results can be measured in money.  

CSACO provides community organizations with an experienced, independent turnkey service that reviews results, measures performance, provides comparable community replacement costs, and analyzes results to clearly show the operating trends of the organization.  

These “performance measurements” include tools such as:

  • Return on Funding   (adapted from private industry’s Return On Investment analysis)
  • Output and Outcome trends and comparisons
  • Efficiency measures and community replacement projections
  • User-based evaluations

If you are a community organization, what would be the impact of having this independent, 3rd party report?  With it, you could:

¨           Prove to funders your worthiness of donations and support.

¨           Prove to funders your impact on the quality of a person’s life, the quality of the community life, and the prevention of more costly services.

¨           Funders will have evidence to defend grants to your organization.

¨           Your organization will be empowered to raise funds with new justifications of your value.

¨           Employees will see the results of their work in a new light.

¨           You will have a new tool for positioning and planning for the organization’s future.


  If you are a funder, what would be the impact of this report by an independent, 3rd party?

 ¨           Ease of decision making, given an organization’s Value to the community and constituents

¨           Evidence of which organizations are deserving of your financial support/endorsement.

¨           Knowledge of where your funding dollars will have the greatest impact – your Bang for the Buck”


Measuring the value of your services proves to funders your organization’s accountability, transparency, and value.

Measuring the value of your services will help you position and plan for your organization’s sustainability and growth.

Measuring the value of your services will help donors feel confident that they making a funding decision which is sound and will return value to the community.


CSACO professionals have spent decades in private industry developing, implementing and defending results of performance analyses.  We can bring this expertise to your community service organization.