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social return on investment and economic impact analysis for social services providers

Economic Impact and Social Return on Investment Analysis Services

Founded in 2007, Community Services Analysis LLC (CSACO) is a leading provider of Social Value Return on Investment analysis and reporting for nonprofit entities and tax-funded organizations in the United States.We have completed over 150 Economic Impact and Scoail Return on Investment analysis projects for individual organizations, association groups, and state governments nationwide.

Social Return on Investment (SROI) is an approach to measuring and understanding both the current and future financial impact of an organization. While SROI is built on the logic of cost/benefit analysis, it is different in that it is designed to measure the comparable accountability and value of organizations whose results cannot always be easily measured in money.

Social Return on Investment analysis is a more comprehensive measurement of fiscal impacts than standard Economic Impact reports as the SROI process measures both the direct financial values of the projected consequences of direct changes and the longer term consequential social impacts resulting from these projected actions.

SROI provides information about the financial impacts of actual operations and planned changes, and the qualitative, quantitative, and financial information on which to base funding decisions about social service organizations.

Community Services Analysis LLC is a member of Social Value International, a founding member of Social Value - United States, and a member of the American Evaluation Association.



See the recent Webinar for Louisiana Legal Aid (51 organizations) on their Economic Impact project, the process methodology and their questions on the project requirements. Just click the link below and it will automatically play a standard MP4 video file:


The National Family Support Network has selected CSACO as their national partner for Economic Impact and Social Return on Investment analysis.

CSACO announces new services for providing baseline impact valuations, in-process progress valuation resorting, and final economic impact reports for grant recipients d grant funding organzations.

The State of Louisiana Bar Foundation completes a state legislature-mandated analysis of the economic impacts and return on state funding investment of legal aid services.

CSACO announces new services for measuring the economic impact of partnerships or cooperative efforts between community service provider organizations.

CSACO announces new services for measuring the economic impact of Legal Aid Strategic Advocacy services.

The Alabama Civil Justice Foundation and the Alabama Network of Family Resource Centers complete SROI projects for their statewide services.

The National Legal Aid & Defender Association has selected CSACO as their exclusive provider of SROI services to their national membership.